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Posted by Compositor B on June 5, 2010

Molly was reading an article about a college “atlatl” team (at Franklin Pierce University) and asked me if I’d ever heard of it – that atlatl, that is. “A spear-throwing device?” I asked, reaching deep into the dorktastic, pre-teen D&D memory banks. Wonderful, I had reflexive memory that this was a device used to hurl spears. My half-orc Paladin-Assassin probably got killed by an atlaltl-using Beholder, or some such. Glad to know that yet another completely useless fact has burrowed into the old noggin, and will probably eject something I might have wanted to retain, like some future grandkid’s birthday.

“Yeah, how the hell did you know that?!” she asked, failing to give me adoring looks of admiration. Heh, lady, if you’ve just now figured out you married a nerd, then it’s a bit too late…


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