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Template for Communication between the Doctoral Candidate and his/her Dissertation Committee

Posted by Compositor B on March 28, 2009

For all you struggling PhD students out there, the following template should come in handy for all communication with your committee regarding your dissertation:

TO: __________, Eminent Worthies of the Committee

FR: __________, Seeker of Knowledge from On-High



Exalted Lords!


Please forgive yet again the intrusion of my ignorance into your serene contemplation. I wish to address, however inadequately, the issues/concerns from the last review of my dissertation progress. All of your previous comments and suggestions have been implemented with great speed. The only brief delay has emanated from the need to shake my head in wonder at my own ignorance in wasting your precious time with my previous folly. To wit then, my modest proposals, suggestions and questions:


{Bulk of message on actual dissertation changes/questions/revisions. Obsequious tone to be maintained throughout}


And finally, my humble thanks to your lordships for considering my insignificant, yet contemptible ideas in the hope that they may, in time, become worthy of your greatness.


Groveling in Worthlessness,

Your Humble Servant,

2 Responses to “Template for Communication between the Doctoral Candidate and his/her Dissertation Committee”

  1. Jeff Miller said

    [sighs] This is not funny.

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